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I hate documenting the history of something, because I always get some facts wrong and leave some people out. However, I hate even more that the MiniMyth history might be lost, so I am making an attempt to document it. If the MiniMyth history needs corrections or additions, please contact me (Paul Bender (Pablo)) and let me know.


In 2003, Larry Matter (lmatter) created MiniMyth. He wanted a small Linux distribution that would allow him to turn a diskless VIA EPIA M motherboard into a MythTV frontend. He brought to life and maintained MiniMyth, the site, the forum, the version control system and the bug tracking system. In addition, he wrote several articles and reviews that helped people with things related to MiniMyth.

Like so many other useful Open Source projects, MiniMyth gained a following. Some of those followers began to help Larry with the MiniMyth effort. BigA helped with the initial testing of MiniMyth 0.1. Jason Barto helped with the site. BigA set up the forum. Dna helped with the MiniMyth build system. Others, including corwin, Hairlocks, mjhammel and Paul Bender (Pablo) created their own MiniMyth versions and/or MiniMyth build systems.

In 2005, Larry and Paul began to work on Paul's GAR based MiniMyth build system together. With MythTV 0.17, this GAR based MiniMyth build system became the default MiniMyth build system.

Over time, the demands of Larry's real life made it difficult for him to devote very much time to MiniMyth development. As a result, at this time Paul is doing much of the MiniMyth development. As always, the MiniMyth user community continues to contribute through ideas, testing and bug fixes.

In 2008, Paul moved MiniMyth from to

In 2013, Paul stopped working on Minimyth. Thankfully, warpme forked the project as minimyth2, continuing with MiniMyth's original vision.

In 2015, Paul started work on MiniMyth again.

Since its initial creation, MiniMyth has evolved to include support for MythTV slave backend capability, additional MythTV plugins, mjhammel and additional boot methods and additional computer hardware. However, in this evolution it has tried to stay true to Larry's original vision of a small Linux distribution for turning a diskless computer into a MythTV frontend.