mythmusic use mplayer?

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mythmusic use mplayer?

Post by ldormon »

sorry I know this if daft but if mplayer can play music (ogg's, mp3s) what is mythmusic up too?
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Post by lmatter »

I'm not sure it's mythmusic (not sure what it is). I did a rush job getting all the dependencies so I may have built them wrong. Everytime I try to rebuld libmad it refuses to build a shared library because libtool thinks my system won't support them. I googled around a bit and found others with the same issue but no good answer.

Unfortunately, lately I only get small chunks of time to work on this. If I can't find the answer in 20 minutes, I usually have to give up. And this weekend is not looking good either.

But I'm hopeful we'll get it in the end. If anyone else wants to try to buld it (for i586, not just nehemiahs) then please be my guest.

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