MythGallery, EPIA M6000, and 8 Megapixel photos

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MythGallery, EPIA M6000, and 8 Megapixel photos

Post by lmatter »

My new digital camera takes 8 Megapixel photos. My underpowered EPIA M6000 struggles to render them - forget about transition effects.

I was planning to copy and resize them closer to the frontend's native resolution (perhaps 800x600) using the mogrify command from ImageMagick. I would also try to wire some automation into it for new pictures

I would also like to tweak the sorting, perhaps by munging folder or filenames. I want the newest folders on the top (sorted descending) so I don't have to scroll so far to see find the latest, but within the folders I want to see the pictures in the order they were taken (sorted ascending).

Anyone else done anything similar? Does anyone import using MythGallery and a custom import script?

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Post by telsin »

Sounds like you've got a two part problem:

Sorting the folders is probably easiest to do manually, just name the folders by date perhaps?

Then a cron'd script on the disk server to use image magick or gd to check the files, and if the res is higher than 800x600, resize them to 800x600. Be easy enough to have it scan one directory and render the resized versions into the gallery directory for you, using the same directory name.

Havn't tried this here, but I had done something similar in the past to sync my laptop's itunes directory with the server, unfortunately those scripts were lost in a disk crash before I went RAID-5.
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Re: MythGallery, EPIA M6000, and 8 Megapixel photos

Post by 3d-lee »

I'll assume that the image files are on the backend. If you are using samba to share them, try using NFS. NFS is soooo much faster than SMB/CIFS.

My SP13000 renders my 6MP images (averaging about 2.5MB in size) almost as fast as my 2.8GHz P4 -- it does take a noticable amount of time from when I select them to when they are rendered on both systems. The P4 is probably only about 10-15% faster though I must admit I haven't truly measured them.

One other thing to check -- are the system connected with a 100baseT switch or a 10baseT hub? Assuming a size of about 3MB, those files would probably take about 1/3 second to transfer over a network using a 100Mbps connection via a switch with a reasonably good protocol while they would probably take four or five seconds using a 10Mbps connection through a hub (even if the hub is otherwise inactive).
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