UPnP Client / Elisa?

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UPnP Client / Elisa?

Post by jack »

One of the things that bugs mw about Myth is that it is a capable UPnP media server, but is not a UPnP client. As more and more things are becoming UPnP & DLNA compliant, this is looking like a large oversight.

I've been looking for a UPnP player to fit alongside Myth, and I think I have found it in Elisa.

I haven't installed it anywhere yet, but it does look insanely polished and feature-rich.

Core issues (to my mind) are :-
* The UI runs on OpenGL, which might give problems on the Via board, but it may be possible to tone down the requirements there.
* It uses GStreamer and Python, I will probably need to provide these via NFS.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions or other options before I give this a try? Has anyone tried to tget this running on a MM box before?
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