I've updated the main website

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I've updated the main website

Post by lmatter »

Some kind stranger, Jason Barto, sent me an email a while ago saying he saw my plea for help with the website, and redid the whole thing for me for free (as in beer). In case you just bookmark the forum (as I do), you might want to pop over and take a look at it.


Any comments appreciated. Any comments for Jason will be passed on to him.

And Jason has been granted the right to ask any question, no matter how "rtfm" it is, when he starts working on his PVR setup.

And I completed my review of Scythe's e-Otonashi fanless EPIA M case. You might want to look at that too.

Now back to writing part 2 of how I built minimyth and then we can start on the next release.

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Post by AndrewDV »

The site looks great!
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Post by Eduardo »

Very slick. Nice an orderly.

The only critique I can come up with, and it's quite the strech, is the extra white-space at the top before the logo.

Maybe the news section can be compliant with MythNews?

Kudos to Jason. 8)
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Post by dhartman »

Sweeet! I haven't popped in here much lately since I moved and have been busy with work. I'm looking to get my system up and running again and will be going fanless in my bedroom. Looks like a ton of progress has taken place AND looks like I need to upgrade by backend system (once again).

Keep up the good work all around.

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Post by Nem »


I too have been away for a bit, the new changes to the website are pleasing, so thank you jason. (I had to double check i was on the right website :lol: ).


Darren (That guy from the UK who can't wait for stuff :-) )
P.S. Did you ever get round to making a complete build enviroment ?
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