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Wake on Lan

Post by markk »

I've had a quick tinker this afternoon and wake-on-lan works pretty easily to kickstart my minimyth boxes.

I'm interested in adding 'alarm clock' functionality to one of them (in the main bedroom) i.e. wake us up with BBC breakfast news, or the radio (if someone ever gets mythradio going!)

But does anyone have any ideas on how to get the frontend to do something (start tv, music etc) automatically. Ideally it would either have to be done remotely (by whatever is telling it to boot) or the mythbox would have to know it was started remotely and then do something appropriate.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Post by ozuzo »

or the radio (if someone ever gets mythradio going!)
Off topic, FWIW: MythStream works like a charm on my-soon-to-be "production" Hush (once I get digital audio out to work), and at least I think most BBC channels are available online.

It compiles against CVS and older releases, requires a few changes to some XML menu files.

On topic: you can Myth to start a plugin automatically by providing its name as an argument to mythfrontend, so some hacking in .xinitrc is required. I'm guessing this might work for MythTV itself as well, and I think you can set in the settings somewhere the channel to start with. How to get Mythstream (or Mythmusic) to auto-start something, I'm not sure. Might require some additional code and some extra settings in the db.


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