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I've been going on and on about using GAR to build minimyth, and I still think I will do that at some point, but I just discovered this which looks interesting. I haven't read the whole article, but wanted to put it out here for others to that might be interested: ... _umib/view

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Post by ttabbal »

Sounds very similiar to a setup I've been tinkering with on and off under Debian. They have a tool called debootstrap. It lets you install a base debian system from the net into a directory. It's a little heavyweight at 142M, but it's got just about everything one would need. And it lets you use apt-get to install more packages. I figgure that since we're talking PVRs here, that's a tiny amount of space for an NFS root compared to the media files we use.

If you use the "testing" release of debian, you can apt-get myth and all the required modules from a 3rd party apt repository. Quick and easy. I haven't gotten much further than that. I may need to build a kernel for the EPIA board myself, don't know if yours will work or not.
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