Multiple Video Recording

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Multiple Video Recording

Post by agarbino »

I'm trying to put together a telemetry video system on a race car. It will consist of 2-4 video cameras. Because of the environment, I need light and cheap components. I'm considering the following:

1) USB2 Webcams, into a USB hub.

2) Fire-i cameras, as they can be daisy chained into a firewire port. (Does anyone know of limitations/performance of multiple cameras on one port?

3) Several 'spy'/'pinhole' cameras, with analog inputs going into a multi channel pci card;

Whichever method I use, the input will have to be handled by a small processor (eg M10000 Mini-ITX).
Eventually, the data will also be transmitted real-time to the pits.

Does anyone know of any formus/howtos/sites where people have done this and reviewed different cameras?

I need cameras <$100, and good image quality (does this exist?)

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Post by lmatter »

I would ask on - it's a more general EPIA site with more members.

Sounds like fun, good luck!

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Post by Funkstar »

You might also want to have a look at some of the Lex ( motherboards that have video capture built in.
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