No DVD Import in 0.24/0.25

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No DVD Import in 0.24/0.25

Post by jamesarbrown »

Ok it seems mtd is dying a slow death, as no one is upkeeping the code... something to do with Storage groups. Was a pig of a tool anyway.

So seems as I am having a mythtv day, I was wondering if utilising something that was highly maintained was a solution, eg Handbrake. Basically if its not the burden of core Myth developers, its likely to keep up.

Does anyone had any ideas of what could be done to keep ripping of DVDs without having to drop back to a terminal console and handwriting complicated instructions.

1) Minimyth can mount a rip point on the server, so storage point for MM is fine.

2) What to rip the DVD with?!
a) Can mythtranscode be used? (in box solution) which I think is the backend of mtd anyway
b) If not what is best alternative, that has CLI options, Handbrake, Avidemux?

3) Menus exist for rip, so is it a case of taking what we already have :-
a) Update to identify what storage group we want to drop in
b) Replacing mtd selection with what is chosen from item 2?

4) How to auto select the right chapter, xine, mythinternal all can play the main title from the dvd menu.... but I have found that Handbrake can not identify which out of the 99 dummy titles is the right one without throwing it into Xine and observing.

My problem is, it sounds simple, but clearly there is some reason that it has not been done already :roll:

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