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Help with perforce

Post by cj8scrambler »

I've got the basics of perforce down thanks to the description in announcements:

But I'm having trouble looking over changes that have been made. I can do 'p4 annotate [filename]', but the change numbers seem to only be relative to that file. So when Pablo says he incorperated a fix in 'change #94', how can I see what files were updated in that change? And is there a simple way to see a diff of the files before and after change #94?
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Post by lmatter »

"p4 describe 94" will show you which files are part of change #94, and then show you the diffs. You can specify the -s flag to just see the files without diffs.

"p4 help describe" will show you more options. Also check out the diff2 command.

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