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Supplied my own lircd.conf and lircrc as well as 'extras' (for libdvdcss)

Pretty much default minimyth.conf (defined TZ, lirc stuff and set for VGA rather than TV)

Using VGA monitor but have used PAL TV briefly before it died!

Using Hauppauge A415 remote, previously used R808

Homebrew IR receiver on COM2 header



Currently only use the core MythTV functionality but will probably add DVD, gallery and music at some point.

Backend is a PII-233 Debian with Hauppauge Nova-T DVB card and 350G of LVM across 3 drives. I rebuilt the debs with the off-air programme guide capability enabled.

There's more at but it could do with a bit of updating.

It's proven good enough that I set up my 80 year old parents with a new backend system and my original frontend system last weekend and I've now built myself a clone of the frontend. They use a PAL widescreen TV and I set MM_X_DISPLAYSIZE_X=400 and MM_X_DISPLAYSIZE_Y=225

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I just built a box to run MiniMyth which is running version So far I'm very very happy with MiniMyth! I'm kind of amazed at how responsive it is.

I'm using the default minimyth resolution. Getting the proper aspect ratio and position of the video took a little bit of time to tweak, which I thought was strange since the GUI was displayed in the center of the screen with only the expected overscan issues. The display for most video played in Xine is still off center and I haven't gone investigating as to why that is (it seems to change depending the video being played.)

NTSC 4:3 video (USA) using composite out

The remote I use is the grey Hauppauge model A415 that came with my PVR-250. The IR receiver is irman and it works great after making my own lircrc and lircd.conf files. I initially tried an IR receiver from but it turned out to be very unreliable from distances greater than 3ft.

The system is a fanless EPIA M10000 in an e-OTONASHI case with 256MB RAM. I also installed a rather noisy LG slimline DVD-ROM (which, by the way, did not work with the slimline ATAPI->IDE adapter included with the case.)

Backend is Suse 9.2 running MythTv 0.18.1 (
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