minimyth usage poll

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minimyth usage poll

Post by lmatter »

I'd like to know a little about how everyone is using minimyth. Specifically, I would like to know:

Which files you needed to change, if any.
What X resolution do you use (or do you use the minimyth default)
Tv standard (PAL, NTSC)
remote control
IR Receiver
EPIA M Model
In what country you reside

And anything else about your system you want to mention.

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Post by monkeyBox »

I'm using minimyth right now in our main TV room. The only files I've needed to change were for lirc. I use the minimyth default resolution, and NTSC.

My EPIA-M 10000 is housed inside the Morex 3688 (the back one w/ the blue plexiglass front) I plan to get a DVD drive for it as soon as minmyth supports it.

My IR reciever is homebrew. I modded my case so that I could put a piece of tinted plastic in front to cover up the square hole I dremed out. I got the tinted plastic from a 8 year old broken-down stereo reciever. (I just knew I'd use it for something)...

I haven't quite settled on what remote I want to use. I have an All4One URC 8011 remote, which is the one I might use. It has backlit buttons which are quite nice. I'm also checking out the new radio-shack 6-in-1"touchscreen" (with "kameleon" technology), mainly 'cause it's a damn sexy remote, but I'm not sure yet if it's quite to my liking as far as usability goes.

All in all, it's turning into a pretty nice system. I haven't completely converted my (soon-to-be in 3 weeks!) wife, but I think she'll be a convinced once she sees the mythmusic and mythgallery modules. 8)
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Post by Hairlocks »

I use the default minimyth X resolution, with PAL, an ati remote, a EPIA M1000 motherboard, and I live in the UK.

The files I have changed are mainly the ones in /etc plus lost of additions.
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Post by mrmoray »

I have an M10000 Nehemiah that I'm setting up right now. My goal is to use MiniMyth, but I can't commit to it just yet...I really need MythMusic. When I make the switch though I'll have the following:
1. Nehemiah
2. Homebrew IR with a Universal Sony Remote (nothing special, but it works fairly well)
3. Morex 3688 Case (Black)
5. United States
6. Probably MiniMyth default resolution
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Post by teksyc0m »

I use minimyth in my Home Theater setup.

stock setup
default resolution
Chicony IR keyboard
PS/2 IR receiver (looking for perfect remote to control all devices)
M9000 frontend with AMD Athlon 1400 backend both running .12

I'm looking forward to DVD playback and faster channel changing.
I built my EPIA directly into my entertainment center. Very quiet with 1 1/2 inches of pine blocking the noise and vented out the back of unit.

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Post by Eduardo »

Epia M10000 Ezra (256 MB)
MiniMyth beta4
Hombrew2 remote (uses USB for 5V pickup instead of 10V with reg from serial)
Default resolution to monitor (soon to move to SVideo NTSC).
Case is going to be in base of my speaker beside TV.
Power supply is a Mac G3 that seems really quiet

Backend (this week)
Dual PII Xeon 450's (512 MB)
Fedore Core
MythTV 0.14
Unknown software capture card BT848

Backend (next week)
Duron 1.6 (1024 GB)
Fedore Core
MythTV 0.14
Unknown software capture card BT848

I live in Canada and am connected to my satellite tuner via a custom serial cable.

Updated 2003-04-02: Now using PVR-350 the BT848 sucked.
Backend is now back to the Dual Xeon PII 450's with 2x 200GB storage.

Maybe make the Duron a frontend#2 as the chipset was incompatible with IVTV.
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Post by AndrewDV »

Myth Backend:
EPIA 800
WinTV-PVR 250
Mandrake 9.2
MythTV 0.14

TFTP/LTSP Backend:
40GB HDD /
80GB HDD /home
Mandrake 9.2

mini-Myth 0.4
IR keyboard
standard resolution

mini-Myth 0.4
working on IRMAN
working on HDTV resolution via transcoder
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Post by Bud »

Myth backend/mysqld:
AMD XP 1600
2x60 GB HDD (RAID-0)
saa7134 tuner card for recording
bttv tuner card for epg data (nxtvepg)
SuSE Linux 9.0
compiled mythTV 0.14

Pentium 133
Linux from scratch


mini-Myth 0.4beta2
IR remove control
PAL standard resolution
Housing is Aopen H340H with DVD drive,
so I'd like to have mythDVD included into miniMyth.

It would be nice if it would be possible to enable some plugins (eg mythWeather) by kernel parameters.

I live in Germany and am connected via cable TV.
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Post by gatesl »

Myth Backend & TFTP:
80GB HDD + 250GB HDD
WinTV-PVR 350 (doubles as primary frontend)
Debian unstable
MythTV 0.14
TBD migrate to Asterisk & voicepulse for VOIP pending T1 install

Frontend 1 & 2:
EPIA ME10000
mini-Myth 0.4
MSFT IR keyboard & mouse
standard resolution, move to LVDS eventually
Normal changed files via translucentfs (fstab, preapp.script)
Machine names established via bzImage parm: ip=::::c1:: and ip=::::c2::

NTSC, small dish source
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Post by JonW »

Changed files: only fstab, preapp.script
X resolution: default, though I'd like to get 720x576 working
Tv standard: PAL
remote control: VisionPlus USB HID
IR Receiver: As above
EPIA M Model: M10K Nehemiah + 512MB RAM
In what country you reside: Australia

I'm using a VisionPlus DVB-T card. As I'm uncomfortable updating Myth through CVS, I'm looking forward to MythTV-0.15, which includes various fixes for CLE266 image quality. Hopefully that'll bring the S-video image quality upto par with the same hardware (i.e. EPIA and DVB-T) under Windows.
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MiniMyth 0.18.1 running on ME6000

Post by kdewaal »

I live in the Netherlands so it is PAL.
I have a MythtTV 0.18.1 backend on 550MHz P3 with 2x WinPVR500 (4 tuners in total).
The frontend is MiniMyth 0.18.1 running on ME6000 board; 512MB main memory and diskless.
Remote control receiver is the DIY serial port receiver.
I use the Hauppauge remote control (from a WinPVR150 retail package) and have generated my own lircrc file with the lirc irrecord utility; the distribution expects that you have also the Hauppauge PVR150 card installed.
I am only two steps removed from perfection:
(1) Sound volume; there is feedback on the screen from volume setting but this does not influence the "line out" level. Also the sound level is far less than what my TV gets from e.g. the DVD player or from the TV itself. If I cannot control the sound level from MythTV then I would at least have all sound levels equal.
(2) Picture quality. The picture quality is noticeably worse compared with live television. Can this be software related or is the TV-Out of the ME6000 of low quality?

BTW, The frontend is put in a Travla C158 box.
I have added a 47k resistor in series with the power-on LED because otherwise it is far too bright for in the living room.
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Post by french_mullet »

Currently, I'm using Myth 0.18.1

Backend/Frontend (Gentoo):
Athlon XP 2500+
1 GB Ram
1 PVR-250

Bedroom Frontend (MiniMyth
EPIA ME-6000
Morex case

I can't believe how easy it was to get Minimyth going. I had it working on the second boot. The EPIA front end is way more responsive than I thought it would be. Asside from an initial 1-2 second delay when I start playing a recording, it's as fast as my main machine. CPU usage fluctuates beween 35 and 50% playing back my 720x480 recordings.


Edit to answer the questions in the first post:

What X resolution do you use (or do you use the minimyth default):

Tv standard (PAL, NTSC):

remote control:
IR Receiver:
Gyration RF Keyboard at the moment

EPIA M Model :

In what country you reside:
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Re: minimyth usage poll

Post by jack »

Minimyth Version

Which files you needed to change, if any.
I needed to correct the Xine configuration file for analogue output of DVD audio.

What X resolution do you use (or do you use the minimyth default)

Tv standard (PAL, NTSC)

remote control
ATI Remote Wonder 2

IR Receiver
None - it's RF ;)

EPIA M Model

In what country you reside
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Re: minimyth usage poll

Post by cseg »

MiniMyth version (what's an easy way to determine this? Oh, I see: /initrd/rootfs-ro/srv/www/cgi/functions)

Which files you needed to change, if any.
I have an empty minimyth.script file as a workaround for something.

What X resolution do you use (or do you use the minimyth default)
800x600 although I would probably be happy with less. I would like to get rid of the 'resizing images' at startup but have not been able to do this successfully. My BIOS and X_MODE are both set to 800x600.

Tv standard (PAL, NTSC)

remote control
I use a wireless keyboard

IR Receiver

EPIA M Model

In what country you reside

E-Otonashi fanless. Works fine although it seems a bit warm to the touch.

Duron 1.3 MHz (OS-less Walmart special), 1 GB RAM,
Debian version of myth backend
Built on a Xandros (3) system
I use logical volume manager over two Samsung (SP1604N) 160 GB drives. I currently have abot 176G allocated to MythTV which is about one-weeks worth of recorded shows.

And anything else about your system you want to mention.
When watching a recording, the TV image is narrower than I want: it doesn't fill out the entire screen. I have X_WM off, and I have fiddled with a number of settings but haven't been able to get it the way I want. Previous versions (0.17?) worked better, so I'm not sure how more recent versions are different. It might be a mythtv change.

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Post by lmatter »

MiniMyth version (what's an easy way to determine this? Oh, I see: /initrd/rootfs-ro/srv/www/cgi/functions)
You can also point a web browser to your frontend and it will display status, including MiniMyth version. Sample is here. Version number is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for adding to the usage poll!

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