How to - keybindings

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How to - keybindings

Post by mythtv101 »

How to use alt-G from minimyth frontend to jump to MythGallery -

1. on the backend server get into mysql - mysql -u <user name such as mythtv> -p<password>
2. type -- use mythconverg
3. type -- update jumppoints set keylist="Alt+G" where destination like "%MythGallery%" and hostname like "%<yourminimythhostname such as mf1>%";
4. Next boot will make Alt-G operational at the frontend machine

Would be better if we had Edit key in the setup menu.
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Re: How to - keybindings

Post by bowmo »

I use mythweb for setting keybindings..

I don't think that the feature to edit keys should be on a frontend, as it is a setup once, and forget thing..

/ Thomas
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