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Beginners HOWTO

Post by grog »

First off, i'll say, i'm a complete beginner to mythtv and all that and have been confused by much of the info i've come across, so if this howto exists, please excuse my ignoraqnce.

I was wondering if there is a complete beginners howto to get minimyth working.

I currently have a mythtv backend kinda working and i have knoppmyth working on an EPIA-M board connected to my tv, the system seems to work, but there are lots of jitters and such.

I thought i would give minimyth a gos since it's built for the motherboard i'm using.

Is there a basic (read : idiot proof) way i can setup minimyth on a HDD in the frontend box, or would it be easier to boot over the network as it's designed for?

If booting over the network is the way to go, does it need to boot from the backend machine, becasue currently i have a linux router supplying DHCP to my network. And is there a step by step howto to get the box to boot over the network (which would be cool to learn anyway, becasue i've always wanted to know how diskless workstations boot).


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Post by Pablo »

Other than the instructions in the minimyth.conf file, which includes a URL pointing to Larry Matter's instrucitons on how to network boot, no. Other than Larry's network boot instructions, it is not step by step. However, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

MiniMyth does not support booting from a HDD. The easiest way to get it to work is to boot over the network.

Your DHCP server does not need to be on the same machine as your MythTV backend. However, you do need to be able to add the extra DHCP attributes outlined in Larry;s network boot instructions.
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