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Posted: Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:41 pm
by Dorant
Today I added two new linuxgames to MythGame that seems to work pretty well out of the box:
Frets on Fire and ManiaDrive

Frets on Fire
For this game I used a modded variant for linux32 (since I run a pentium-mmx version of minimyth)
I found the binary at: ... 32.tar.bz2
but there seems to exist others at:

the songs can be copied from the original Frets on Fire.

I put the extracted package on the NFS mounted disk that is mounted to the /mnt/game/
giving /mnt/game/linux/FretsOnFire-1.2.451-RF-mod-4.15-linux32/

I also created a folder named "roms" at /mnt/game/linux/roms
containing a shellscript that starts FoF from its folder, when MythGame scans this folder it wont find all songs, libs and more.
In the MythGame settings I added a player named Linux, as type OTHER and with rom-path /mnt/game/linux/roms

My first problem was that it tried to run fullscreen which didnt work for me (1920x1080). Its possible to change this by editing the frestonfire.ini file that is generated.
I also had problems with the sound, that was compressed and choppy. The sound setting in FoF was set to 44100Hz, but Im using 48khz changing this to 48k made it sound smooth and funky

Buy a guitar for the Wiimote? weeell..need to try it a bit more first..
I think Ill need to get fullscreen working or using xrandr to change to a smaller screensize..working on it

I downloaded the binary for this game at:

Extract it to your mounted drive (for me its /mnt/game/linux/) and add a script or link for this too in the roms folder /mnt/game/linux/roms/ (or whatever you named it)

Seems fun, havent configured it yet, but worked out of the box. I think I need the Wii sensorbar to be able to select in the menu..I used vnc while testing.

If there are more games that is worth adding, just add it to the list
For thoose who uses a screensaver mm_game_start might be good to edit and use.
Happy gaming!

Posted: Sun Feb 24, 2008 4:37 am
by Craftkiller
wow, thank you for sharing, i've been itching to get frets on fire on this for a while