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I added Skype to my build this evening and it works ok with my webcam (a uvc cam.)
Here is current status and some leads if you want to try it yourself:

I was running the i686 build since Skype 2.0 wants 32bit libraries, but I added the needed xorg-libraries:
script/xorg-7.3/libXcursor (v.1.1.9)
script/xorg-7.3/libXScrnSaver (v.1.1.2)

Makefiles are almost like

I used no makescript for the application itself (but a Makefile would be preferred..)
I just download Skype static to get most of the needed libs baked-in:
and manually added the Skype binary to main/usr/bin

To get the needed bin+libs added to the image, add to
mm_USER_BIN_LIST += skype

To start it I used:
skype --dbpath=/etc/other/.Skype --resources=/etc/other/skype_static-
where the --resources contains the rest of the downloaded skype-package, and --dbpath contains saved settings
The /etc/other folder is a nfs-mounted be able to save settings until next time

I had some trouble seeing the OK button for the "end-user agreement" dialog, but by using the tab-key to jump to the invisible OK-button, and space to press it,
I managed to get passed it

Now I had some trouble not seeing everything, the window was offset a it, but by changing the xml-file the upper-left window can be set to upperleft screen
Edit the file: /etc/other/.Skype/shared.xml (or where you put it..)

and change the X&Y values to zero:

Code: Select all

Unfortually the settigs-dialog dont seem to follow this..use tab+space for now..

Start and exit
To start Skype by the menu a quick hack was added the minimyth.script:

Code: Select all

/bin/sed -e "s%<mythmenu>%<mythmenu> \
   <button> \
      <type>MINIMYTH_SKYPE</type> \
      <text>Skype</text> \
      <action>EXEC skype --dbpath=/etc/other/.Skype --resources=/etc/other/skype_static-</action> \
   </button> \
%" -i /usr/share/mythtv/info_menu.xml
To stop it, use irexec and add to lircrc:

Code: Select all

# Exit Skype
    prog = irexec
    button = EXIT
    repeat = 0

    # The hard way..
    config = if ps -A | grep skype; then killall skype; fi

    # Send Ctrl+Q to quit...but this wont work in Options-dialog
    #config = if ps -A | grep skype; then echo "KeyStrPress Control_L KeyStr q KeyStrRelease Control_L" | xmacroplay ":0.0"; fi

Next step could be:
use minimyths scripts to start it,
make it running in the background somehow
and maybe use the Skype API for something cool
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