Minimum requirements?

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Minimum requirements?

Post by crax »


I have been using MythTV for about half a year now, with just a server running as backend+frontend. I now plan to make a completely disk- and fanless (noiseless) frontend, to place under my TV in the living room.

As I want it to be noiseless and don't want to spend a lot on the case, I was wondering what the minimum requirements are?

I was thinking of using a MII-6000 as it is fanless, and then build my own case out of an old DVD-player or similar. I'm planning to use wireless network (g or g+). Has anyone had any success with that?

Now it's the time where you all come with hints of what to be aware of, before I go buy my board :)

To sum up things:

Will it be possible to run MiniMyth on this system, and be able to watch recordings and/or LiveTV?

Epia MII-6000
256-512MB ram
No harddisk
Wireless (54+ Mbit) network
Possibly external DVD (USB2.0)


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Post by lmatter »

well, it will be a little tough to do diskless AND wireless, but not impossible. The ME6000 (or M-II 6000) will work fine; you'll have a few stuters when the osd fades in or out, but it will play mythtv recordings just fine.

You won't be able to boot off of the compact flash on the M-II without using Via's Fastboot rom utility (or linux bios). But you can easily get a CF <> IDE adaptor for around $20 and just boot off of that (plugs into the normal IDE connector).

If you want to use MiniMyth you'll have to do some customization, like add the 802.11g adaptor driver, plus enable it to boot off of the CF instead of over the net, which shouldn't be too hard.

If your old DVD case is roomy then you might be able to get away with no case fan. Just keep an eye on the temp, especially when using mythmusic.
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Post by Eduardo »

You can keep the case heat down by using an external power supply, but they still seem to be pricey for some reason, so it seems you might as well spend $25 more and get the case and power supply together.

I've run Myth on wireless G (dlink dwl-g650) but not on minimyth (it was a laptop install)... G seems to work okay for a period of time and then seems to stutter for me from time to time, even when close to the access point. Most of the time I swap back to a hardwired connection. Maybe newer drivers are better, my install is about 6 months old.

I haven't seen any wireless g+ drivers, as the g+ seems to be proprietary... But could be out there.

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