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MiniMyth on Mac Mini

Post by Grant_Edwards »

I now have MiniMyth 0.21.0-70 working on an Intel Mac Mini.

Unfortunately, I was never able to get the Mini to boot a
kernel and rootfs from a USB device without a long delay
(around 30s IIRC). Since I don't plan on keeping my MiniMini
powered up all the time, I decided to copy the kernel/rootfs
onto the hard-drive and boot it from there.

Once booted, it recognizes the USB drive fine and finds the
config files.

The only "extra" thing I had to do was to add an asound.state
file so that the headphone output would be unmuted on startup.

There are some issues at present:

* The MythTv volume control doesn't work, but that's not
important to me, so I probably won't be looking into that

* Xorg+DVI won't work. If I plug in the VGA adapter that came
with the Mac, then it works. With a DVI cable attached,
Xorg complains that it doesn't find any valid screens.

* The first few times I booted it, I saw the bootup messages
on the TV. Those are gone now, the screen is blank until
the X11 root window appears.

* I've got a bunch of themes on the USB drive, but MiniMyth
doesn't see them. The default titivillus theme is fine, but
I like the wall-clock time displayed by the OSD when
playback is paused.

I don't have a remote set up yet, so that's probably the next
thing I'll be working on.

Also on the list of things to do is to spin down the
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