Drop in replacement with updated Mplayer

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Drop in replacement with updated Mplayer

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A lot of video files are starting to show up with newer codecs resulting in jerky
playback in MiniMyth. Even with very low CPU usage. Mostly its xvid and divx
files that are being a pain. To get round this I've just dropped a newer version
of MPlayer into the normal MiniMyth. My rootfs file is available (with win32 codecs
removed) from:
http://ftp.solace.mh.se/pub/pvr/minimyt ... s-0.5.1-aw

Feel free to use this if you like, Its just a quick fix for me while everyone is working on
the 0.6 release =)

Alternativly, for you security minded folks out there worried about using an unknown
rootfs, just build your own new mplayer from source and drop it into the standard
MiniMyth 0.5.1 rootfs, thats pretty much all I did anyways =)

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