Any minimyth release working with official 0.16 Mythtv ?

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Any minimyth release working with official 0.16 Mythtv ?

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I wonder if I can use my EPIA M9000 with 0.16 version of Mythtv ?


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You should just read through some of the threads at the top of this forum.

There isn't anything official yet, but others are working on it.

Because of some large changes in the core MythTV code it wasn't possible to create a drop in replacement in the current MiniMyth system, so Larry and others have decided to do a complete re-build to bring several key parts up to date and make the build/update process much easier in the long run.

I believe the kernel, video drivers, sound drivers and bot process are being changed, as well as the structure of the distro too.

I'm not 100% on the details, hell i don't have nay linux experience (other than instaling it two or three times a few years ago) and don't have any sort of Myth system running yet, but i am learning a lot with everything going on here and on the Myth mailing lists.
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