Network activity on harddisk led

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Network activity on harddisk led

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This is a project I did some time ago and seems to work with MiniMyth as well. so I thought it was worth sharing.

Since a typical diskless client has no harddisk why not use the harddisk led for LAN activity? This idea is not my own, because if you Google for it you'll see others had that idea as well. In fact the utility I used in the end is not written by me. I found the source for it here: ... 0.6.tar.gz. I haven't seen the project page for it.

I disected an old keyboard and took out the controller print and left the keyboard cable on. The controller print also held the numlock, capslock and scrolllock leds. I soldered those out and replaced them with header pins. The harddisk led was plugged onto one of these headers.

I modified the MiniMyth bootprocess to fetch the ifled binary and copy it to /usr/local/bin on the MiniMyth frontend. The script launches this binary with the following options: /usr/local/bin/ifled console eth0 -c aaa -f

Just sharing it as it may peak someones interest. Enjoy!
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