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tpind wrote:I have tried to scan through the link you send, but was not quite able to identify - is there a solution to the problem or is it just bad luck and Ineed to install a normal DVD player (before my wife explodes ;-) ?
On page 6, user Venus (a Via employee account) posted as test BIOS update for the EPIA-M (dmatest.bin). According to some people in the tread, this fixed the problem for them. I have not tried it on my EPIA-M motherboard. In addition, since it is only for the EPIA-M, it will not fix the problem on my EPIA-SP board.

Therefore, if you are feeling somewhat daring, then you could flash your BIOS and see if it fixes the problem. Otherwise, install a normal DVD player.
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Re: Installed ...

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tpind wrote:
gugux wrote:Installed that version, works very well too (running ATM ;), but I'm still having a pb when inserting an audio CD or a DVD : minimyth scans the disc, sometimes launches the menu to choose what to do with it, then crashes. Anybody has that working ?
Yes I have the same problem. My minimyth crashes and I have to press the reset button - not even the power button works after the crash.

Anybody knows that the problem is ?
I did not test much CDs/DVDs, but once I had upgraded to 512 mb it worked (dmesg told me after the crash not enough memory so ...)
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I had a similar problem. I have just bought an EPIA MII 600, to use as a frontend. Minimyth was simple to set up etc, (once I had realised that I needed to power down, not just reboot my epia mII to get the network boot to work) however I was disappointed to find that it would only play live tv for around five minutes before crashing, or freezing. I looked at the viaarena site and read through the forums there, and it appears that I am certianly not alone with this problem.
To cut a long story short, there are bios upgrades available from via which have been relased fairly recently. These upgrades address an issue with DMA that causes the PC to freeze when transferring data from two devices simultaneously, say hdd and lan.
I have just upgraded my bios, and it has been playing live tv for about an hour - a record!
Upgrade your bios at your own risk

"The MII dma test BIOS is available to download at"

"BIOS for EPIA-CL board, please download and try it at"

For the EPIA M

" ... matest.bin

"To change BIOS, you may use the Award BIOS Flash Utility,
which is available to download at " ... fl823b.exe" :D
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