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iMedia MythTV Linux

Post by sdragoss »

The smallest out-of-the-box MythTV (0.18.1) distribution which runs on VIA EPIA mini-itx systems and Hauppauge PVR cards has been released.

Based on MythTV 0.18.x and Xorg Xserver, 2.4.25 kernel the iMedia MythTv it's free for download from: ... /id.421/.f
The system is using only ~128Mb of storage can be instaled and customized in various ways in less than 5 minutes.

Here are some highlights:
- Small distribution size ~ 128Mb
- Supports MPEG and 2D/3D acceleration on Via Epia mainboards.
- Supports Hauppauge IR Remotes
- Pentium/C3 II targets
- Compact Flash targeted distribution with journaling filesystem
- Runs MythTV out-of-the-box for EPIA mainboards with Hauppauge PVR 150/250 capture cards
- Menu driven installation
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How extendable is it ?

Post by slaine »

I came across this project the day and tried it out. Not sure how "new" it is as it's using a older kernel and doesn't seem to have the latest drivers.

Pretty nice. Installed it to a HDD on a mockup system I have here at work (CLE266 based box). I've not started my HTPC just yet, but hope to soon. I have however been on the lookout for a good distro to get it as close to an "appliance" as possible.

I emailed the company that ships iMedia MythTV with some questions but they have yet to return the email. It doesn't appear to support the CN400 chipset, which I was hoping to base my HTPC on. It also doesn't seem to support the Hauppauge WintTV-PVR 500 which I was also hoping to use (that's effectively two 150's so it may work).

They seem to use a custom package format (.imp). The various packages seem to be a mish mash of things. For example the MPlayer package appeared to contained a load of X libs. Obviously just the libs that mplayer required, but still would have expected those to be in the X packages.

Would be interested if they are shipping the sources, seeing as all this is GPL stuff and they are providing it online, my understanding is that it should be made available, even if just upon request. Would be nice to add in the stuff I want to make it suitable for me.
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