Intel Atom 330 2x D945GCLF2

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Intel Atom 330 2x D945GCLF2

Post by tacoman »

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about building a minimyth box and just wanted to get a bit of a discussion going about this board which has a dual core Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor:

Intel D945GCLF2 Mini ITX: ... otherboard

Fact sheet here: ... tsheet.pdf

This seems like it might be an ideal board for such a project, especially considering the price ($89 as of Sept. 2008). I've also seen a single core board on newegg (BOXD945GCLF) for about $70, but ~ $19 for dual core seems like a good upgrade.

Been a while since I built a new system (at least before Intel xf86 drivers were available), so I'm not sure what this thing will be capable of, but it definitely looks promising as a frontend board.

Anyone have any insights or thoughts?
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Post by Pablo »

Is you plan to use it for SD or HD? For SD, I suspect that it would work just fine. For HD, I suspect that it would not be a good choice.

It is too bad that it does not have either a DVI or HDMI output.

It is too bad that it does not have S/PDIF audio connector on the back.

While the CPU is low power, the chipset is not.
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Post by mx-5 »

When the first Intel mini itx board came out based on the sis chipset, I was hoping Intel would come out with something with a more capable chipset. This seems to be it. What I've read so far:

- The single core version reportedly does 720p playback, but not 1080p smoothly. Most tests are in Windows though, so I'm not sure how the codec differences will change for Myth, but if the codecs can take advantage of the 2nd core, this might work.

- I agree with Pablo about the DVI, HDMI, S/PDIF shortcomings. Those are the connections I would need for my home theater setup. However, I also have a minimyth frontend in my bedroom which is just outputing on a LCD via VGA, and output to 2 speakers. So for those setups, this fits the bill.

- The 945 chipset is powerful enough for minimyth, but draws too much power since it's not the mobile version like the one used in the Asus EEE box.
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