Hardware Autodetection Support

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Hardware Autodetection Support

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Over time, MiniMyth has evolved from supporting the VIA EPIA M motherboards, to supporting a range of VIA EPIA motherboards, to supporting NVIDIA based motherboards, to supporting Intel based motherboards. MiniMyth now supports more than a dozen different motherboards.

Until now, much of the hardware dependent initialization has been static. While this worked when MiniMyth support just a few motherboards, it has become somewhat cumbersome with so many supported motherboards. Therefore, I have added hardware autodetection support to the MiniMyth init scripts. Essentially, the conf init script uses lspci to scan the PCI bus to determine the hardware and the /etc/hardware.d/*.map files to map the hardware to the appropriate kernel modules and X drivers.

With this hardware autodetection most of the hardware is now autodetected. This makes it easier to maintain and makes it more likely to work with motherboards that are similar to but not the same as one of the supported motherboards.

For most motherboards, all but the sensor chip is autodetected. Hardware that is not autodetected is statically configured using the /etc/hardware.d/motherboard.*.conf files. However, even when a motherboard does not have a /etc/hardware.motherboard.*.conf file, with autodetection it will likely work, assuming the MiniMyth image contains the needed kernel modules and X video drivers.

Unfortunately, while I have most of the PCI bus information for the supported motherboards, I do not have all the information. While I guessed at some of it, it is likely that some of the information is missing for some of the motherboards. This lack of information may result in audio, video or other hardware to operate.

If some of the PCI bus information is missing for your motherboard, please post the name of your motherboard along with the output of 'lspci -mn' to this thread. That way, I can add the appropriate information to the /etc/hardware.d/*.map files. Until then, you can cause the needed kernel modules to load by listing the missing kernel modules in the variable MM_KERNEL_MODULES in your minimyth.conf file.

A beta version of MiniMyth with hardware autodetection support can be downloaded from 0.19-14beta4. If you get a chance, please download it and give it a try.

Thank you.
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