Why does the buildsystem fetch 3 different kernels?

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Why does the buildsystem fetch 3 different kernels?

Post by bowmo »

This might be a dumb question (or then again, no questions are dumb, only the answers ;))

But why on earth is the make garchive command fetching 3 different kernel versions? If I have decided that I want to build the 2.6.25 kernel, then I don't need the other two..

(I'm currently building my own -58 version, with 2.6.25, patched to work with my CF card..)

/ Thomas
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Post by Pablo »

As of recent commits, it will fetch four. :D

The build system supports building with different versions of certain packages. It does this by having a different package for each version. Since the 'make garchive' command' blindly downloads the files for each package independent of the version configured, it downloads multiple versions.

It supports building with either the 2.6.23, 2.6.24, 2.6.25 (or now 2.6.26). As a result, it fetches three (now four) kernel version.

By the way, it supports multiple versions of MythTV (3 versions), MythStream (2 versions), Xorg (2 versions), the NVIDIA Xorg driver (5 versions) and Qt (2 versions). Therefore, it will fetch multiple versions of these packages as well.
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