Build error with 0.21.0-65

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Build error with 0.21.0-65

Post by Glidos »

been trying to build the latest stable minimyth release with my fieldorder deinterlacer patch. I'm seeing a checksum failure for busybox-1.13.3-ash.patch.

Any ideas? The file in the download directory looks ok, so I could update the checksums file. Should I do so? And then how do I best restart the build?
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Post by Pablo »

Yes, update the checksum file. The busybox team loves to change the patches but not change the filename. Really bad form. It appears that the regenerate all their patches whenever they add a new patch to the directory.

After you change the checksum, run 'make clean' in the 'utils/busybox' directory. After that, run 'make build' in the 'meta/minimyth' directory to continue the build.
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