How to force recompile of part

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How to force recompile of part

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How do I force a recompile of a part of the build system. Tried to do that to the kernel part by touching the config file but the build system doesn't seem to be clever enough to pick up the change.

The system seems rather overcomplicated to me.
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Re: How to force recompile of part

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I would agree, in some cases the build system is unnecessarily complicated. I started with the GAR build system and made some modifications so that it better suited my needs. While I felt the GAR build system was overly complicated in some dimensions for my purposes, it was better easier that starting from scratch.

GAR was designed to build everything in one-shot. It was not designed to allow individual packages to be cleanly rebuilt. You can always go into a package directory and run 'make clean ; make install' and it will rebuilt it. However, it will not remove the package's legacy stuff from the image before rebuilding.

Over time, for certain packages that I rebuild more regularly, I added the ability to rebuild them more cleanly. If you go into a package directory that supports it and run 'make clean-all ; make install', then you should have a clean rebuild. The kernel is one of the packages to which I have added this ability.
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