Navigating the minimyth hardware mine field

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Navigating the minimyth hardware mine field

Post by Glidos »

I'm wishing to build a MythTV frontend. Minimyth is looking like a very simple option if I can just work out which mobos are supported.

I'm hoping for:

SD only
TV out (S-VIDEO will do)
Smooth operation

I'm NOT bothered at the moment about:

3D Visualisation

I was thinking of buying a J7F2WE1G2E, but I can't tell from any info I've found so far whether CN700 is supported (just for SD). Can anyone help either with advice on this board or a suggestion for another?

I was also looking for component out, but I'm pretty sure that's not an easy option at the moment, so I'm contenting myself with S-Video. Would also be nice to pick a board that may one day handle HD as Minimyst develops, but that's not important. I mainly want something that works.
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Post by Pablo »

This board should support SDTV. MiniMyth uses the openChrome drivers, which claim MPEG2 support for the CN700. However, as I do not have a CN700 board, I do not know for sure.

Also, as it has the VT1622A TV encoder chip, the TV output should work.
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