flashing led in standby

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flashing led in standby

Post by giarc »

Hi, running minimyth on epia MII 600. Like most pc's when putting the box into standby, the power LED flashes to indicate this. Does anyone know of a way to change this so the HDD light (which is red on my box) to remain stable indicating its on standby and turn off the power led (currentlyl flasing as green).
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Post by JoeHenley »


I run a Via MII-6000E; probably similar to yours. I tried a number of BIOS settings and then a number of "spare" pins on the mobo. No joy.

I finally ended up using a spare power connector, a 220 ohm resistor, a bit of wire, and a bit of electrical tape. The power connector will go to zero when in S3-suspend.

----blk connect----bit of wire---led connector
----red connect----resistor------led connector

It's an ugly hack, but it works. Led is on when running, off when power off or suspend.

Good luck..

Joe Henley
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