NVidia - PureVideo Hardware MPEG accel in Linux/MythTV.

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NVidia - PureVideo Hardware MPEG accel in Linux/MythTV.

Post by sirlach »

In the 180 series drivers NVidia have published the NVDPAU (Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix) API which provides Purevideo Hardware acceleration for MPEG and WMV formats within *nix operating systems.
According to this article http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=n ... &px=Njg4Ng NVDPAU support has been compiled into MythTV, Mplay, Xine etc.
Being on the lookout for a good ITX based HD box as a myth Front End I would like to ask Pablo when he thinks we might see NVDPAU support in Minimyth? 8)
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Post by tsjoender »

You can already take VDPAU for a spin:

http://minimyth.org/download/stable/lat ... a.180.x.x/

As VDPAU is released only a couple of months ago and the driver status is still beta, the actual implementation is likely to change in the future. However it already works well enough to get an idea of what VDPAU might bring you. Searching for VDPAU in this forum will give you more info on Minimyth with VDPAU support.
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