CD DVD Rom drive

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CD DVD Rom drive

Post by Johan »


I use Minimyth with a CD/DVD drive in order to play DVD's and to finally rip my music collection to Flac files.

Unfortunately, it seems that after about 50 CD's, my drive seems to be quiting on me.
It doesn't read audio disks anymore, and it has trouble reading DVD's.
After a few (2-5) retries, I'm able to play DVD's, but audio CD's don't seem to work anymore.

This happened to 2 CD/DVD drives already, both from TSST (Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology).
(These drives are very cheap, and it seems to show.)

Is there any recommendation for a good SATA optical drive?
I still have a lot of CD's to go... :(
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Re: CD DVD Rom drive

Post by tsjoender »

Based on your username you might be Dutch? Here's an overview of DVD burners on the Dutch website: ... nders.html

you can easily sort on rating or interface type (amongst others). Not meant to single out non-Dutch speaking users here, but it's another website I frequent and figured it might help Johan find a suitable replacement.
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Re: CD DVD Rom drive

Post by appypaddy »

Double layered DVD media allows for roughly double the storage of traditional DVD media. The problem is that the recording of these discs tends to be much slower. If you are looking for a drive that can record to the DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL media quickly, then the LG HD22NS40R is the drive of choice. It features 16x and 12x recording speeds respectively for the two media types.

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