New usb IR receiver, what to get?

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New usb IR receiver, what to get?

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I'm about to build a new frontend, this time using one of the small zotac boxes..

In my old setup, I made my own IR receiver using serial, and added a small atmel avr device, to control power on from my remote. But this is not possible with the newer small form factor units.

So I'm on the lookout for a small USB IR receiver. I have a couple of remotes laying around in the "lab" so I don't necessarily need a new remote. Only the receiver

Any sugestions as to what I should be looking for? Is igorUsb ( ... R)_eng.htm) plug supported in the LIRC incuded in minimyth (if I went down the DIY road), and can it successfully wake up the pc, via USB?

/ Thomas
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