Moving to arm device ?

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Moving to arm device ?

Post by pidou46 »

What about moving to arm device ?

I think this is the future for minimyth don't you ?

It will be soon be aviable the "Rasberry Pi" for only 35$.

It could to set up a new deal...
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Re: Moving to arm device ?

Post by sgray »


I e-mailed you some details about the Raspberry Pi back on the 2nd. Was curious if you had a chance to look over my message? Would like to know your thoughts. As the previous poster suggested, this new board has some impressive capabilities.
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Re: Moving to arm device ?

Post by Pablo »

I am familiar with Rasberry Pi.

I do not have a need for small form factor, so boards such as the Rasberry Pi have been of limited interest to me.

However, the company for which I work makes powerful SoC (System on a Chip) solutions for mobile phones. This has caused me to think about running MythTV on Android running on one of the company's SoC products (e.g. the Qualcomm APQ8064). The APQ8064 is low power but has high performance CPUs and GPUs. Therefore, it should be possible. However, I have had so little spare time over the past several months that I have not pursued it.
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