What to buy for a new frontend

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What to buy for a new frontend

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I haven't built any frontends in the last few years and all the components I used to buy are now discontinued. I looked around and I don't see any obvious replacements for the stuff I used before. My priorities are as follows:
1) Runs minimyth with decode acceleration for H.264 at 1080p
2) No moving parts (no fans especially)
3) Low power (although this is implied by the above)
4) Small size
5) Low cost

I don't need wireless or storage or optical disks. Just a wired ethernet port, some USB ports, and HDMI out. The fanless part seems to be the hardest part to solve, especially since it looks like nvidia hardware is required to get minimyth acceleration.

If it's possible to get proper decode acceleration from Intel or AMD please let me know. Otherwise, does anyone know where I can buy a fanless machine with nvidia graphics anymore?
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