Cluster nfs looks interesting

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Cluster nfs looks interesting

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While playing with Corwin's 0.16 build I thought I would add mythdvd to it, but quickly discovered that the image starts to become huge. So then I thought mounting part of the file system over NFS is the solution, and I know that has been mentioned for future builds.

So then I started playing with Mandrake's drakTermServ application which allows you to mount the entire root file system of a server to multiple clients.

The heart of drakTermServ is a project called 'Cluster NFS' It is a drop in replacement for regular NFS.
The big difference is that you can mount a subfolder of an existing mount, and can select the folder according to the IP address of the client, so for example two clients can mount '/etc' but each client gets a different version of /etc/X11/xorg.conf

I thought it could be interesting in a mini-myth environment so that clients can use the same file system as the server, except for those files which are specific to Mini-ITX

Just an idea:)
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