gar-minimyth version control repository has moved


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gar-minimyth version control repository has moved

Post by Pablo »

After more than a few years, the server hosting the LinPVR version control system is being decommissioned. As a result, the gar-minimyth repository needed to be moved.

Going forward, Google Code will host the repository using Subversion. The repository can be found here.

I only transfered a subset of the version control information. The new repository contains all the change sets found in the old repository. However, it does not contain any of the users, tags or comments.

If you are building MiniMyth from the repository, you should start using the new repository. You can find instructions for using the new repository here.
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Post by lmatter »

Thanks Pablo for doing this!

FYI the perforce server will be retired by next Saturday (20-Jan) and is currently read-only.

I would like to thank Perforce for the complimentary license these past few years.